Chapter -

The story of a branding company

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Once upon a time….

In the heart of a hustling city Ahmedabad, lived the Krishna - Balram jodi who dreamt of building a disruptive branding agency. As successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs they were eager to tap into a wider horizon of branding. But Alas! Life made them wait.


Years went by, but the passion did not die. Seeing their zeal, God admitted to their will and sent them an angel, their Subhadra. She had a fire in her belly and saw the world with inverted lenses. Oh! What a union it was!


Together, they began their journey on their branding chariot to do some magical work !

Moral of the story

Anything is possible if the intention is clear and right! At BBM, we intend to give you our best work; reward will come naturally.

Gautamsinh Parmar Gautamsinh Parmar
Shachi Parmar Shachi P.
Pruthviraj Zala Pruthviraj Zala

Why BBM?

  • Because we are worth it
  • Pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai
  • Khayal Aapka
  • Connecting people

The cast of the story