Chapter: Brochure Design Basics

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The definition

A brochure is that seedling waiting to bloom into a fully-grown plant. Under the proper nourishment, it has the potential to do so.

नहीं समझे

Well, in simpler terms, it is a miniature of your website. If designed appropriately, it can bring you leads. So might as well give it the nourishment it requires, right? Of course! As your

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, Gujarat, that’s what we do.

Brochure Design

Brochure Nutrition Chart

For a healthy creation, you need the vitamins and minerals i.e., the fundamentals right. Keep making mental notes of essential nutrients that we highlight as the

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Vroom Vroom your branding journey

A brochure without a logo is like having a pen without a nib. It just doesn't work! Your brand needs an impactful logo. Period.

A Visual treat

We all love visual representation rather than skimming through mundane, wordy texts, don't we? Well, give your customers a visual treat too!

Rahul, Naam to Suna Hoga!

Introduce your brand in a way that conveys your brand values and leaves the reader curious about your products/services.

Sidhi Baat No Bakwas

Categorise your products/services into a tree structure or a flowchart to make your user easily hop from one branch to another. Well, from one product to another.

Phone Ghumao Suvidha Pao

It's time to let your customers get in touch with you. Include your working hours to avoid consumer requests when your brand is busy snoozing!

Brochure Nutrition Chart

Only after your brochure is in the pink of health, It is time to cook some leads out of it.

The manifolds


four-panel parallel fold


accordion fold


closed gate fold


open gate fold


roll fold


tri fold


z fold


quarter fold

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answer in brief


You probably missed the slider above in this page. No worries, here are the types you need to know for brochure design.

  • Half-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Z-fold
  • Gate-fold
  • Double gate-fold
  • Double parallel-fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Roll fold
  • French fold

Creativity is priceless and as a

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, we don't have fixed price lists. It all depends on requirement, scope, level of creativity, time required, etc.


We are creative people and we'd like to be like that! Sorry to say, we don’t dip our toes in printing but we promise our print designs will make you fall in love with us!


In our experience of rolling out

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, we have known that tentatively it can be designed in a week’s time but practically, it can be dependent on complexity, revision and more.