Chapter: The ORM System

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ORM - online reputation management

Brand reputation online is not overnight success. It is made by star after star reviews to twinkle on the web. As your

online reputation management company in India

, we cannot make your negative reviews vanishhhh but we can make efforts to push +ve sentiments forward brand so as to counter any -ve impressions.

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Our ORM Services

In the words of Jeff Bezoz, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” However, it starts by asking them for their reviews and amplifying the good ones.

While much of the damage can’t be undone, it can still be monitored and repaired with rigorous positive efforts and activities. That’s our job as the

best online reputation management company


A good brand is the one that remains active on the Internet. With a plethora of platforms it's not easy. Fortunately, we have a myriad of tools that we use to monitor online mentions and counter them wisely.

Just banking positive reviews is not enough to shine out. You must use them appropriately. How? By amplifying them through interlinks. These user generated content are the social proof of your credibility.

Social media speaks louder than posts. In other words, what goes on your social media profiles impacts your reputation online. Of course we optimize it with all the goodness one can think of. ;)

Excercise 1.1

Negative reviews are always bad for brand reputation


Often negative reviews bolster the authenticity of all the reviews because there is an impression of fake reviews in the minds of users. So, they may not necessarily harm your brand image. You see at times “Daaga ache hai’.

Obvious benefits of ORM

  • Boost sales like Rocket Sing
  • Brand credibility - Chamakte Rehna!
  • Gain Trust because its expensive


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answer in brief


As a starrer online reputation management company in India, we use a mix of marketing, PR, SEO and legit strategies to keep your online reputation pristine.


We are afraid, we cannot. However, we can request users to take down negative comments or bring it down by promoting positive reviews.


Do good and be good. At your end, ensure the quality of product or service, communication with consumers and other customer relationship fundamentals are in check. At our end, we make sure our practices are authentically good as your ORM company in India.