Chapter: The Advertism

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Offline never puts you off!

The idiot box may improvise or get bigger but TVCs will never lose it's existence. It has still got people glued to the screen be it “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”’ or “Friends”. The same goes with radio and print media. Missing out on such an opportunity is a folly. As your

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, Gujarat, we won’t let it happen. Kabhi Nahi!

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Avenues of Advertising

The only entertainment people have in the loitering streets of India is billboards. Why not kill two birds with one stone? (Just being idiomatic)

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Videos have a life in them that captivates viewers with an illusory effect. No wonder it has the highest retention rate compared to other formats.

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When it comes to media planning “har ek second zaruri hota hai.” We, as the

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, make it worth/sec!

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What gets printed also gets imprinted in the reader’s minds. Hence, we also do not mind revising till its AHA!

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PR is all about communications with people, media, community, influencers, internal and external stakeholders, bloggers and many others.

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Excercise 1.1

What does OOH stand for? (Now don’t Google it)

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Advertising ke fayde

  • Market expansion (It’s stretchable)
  • Indeed a good will
  • Power sales (Jo dikhega wo bikega!)
  • Attract talent like jerry to cheese
  • Educate (Padhega India!)

Fill This

Our Work


Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing

It just takes 90 seconds to form a first impression of a product. In the world of branding and marketing, where first impressions are everything, the power of perception reigns supreme. Every element.....

What Is Surrogate Advertising in India? – Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples

What Is Surrogate Advertising in India? – Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples....

answer in brief


It is basically a roadmap to take your ads to your consumer and avail yours business goals. We as the

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, inculcate the following in the strategies we develop:

  • The goal of advertising. For instance, brand recognition, product awareness, etc.
  • Defining consumer segment.
  • Determine your USP (unique selling proposition) message.
  • Select medium of advertising.
  • Decide on the frequency of advertising.
  • Determine advertising budget.
  • Monitor effectiveness of campaigns.

In our experience as a

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, we have seen common concerns when it comes to ad budgets. However, considering some points may help you plan and allocate budget more confidently.

  • First, what are your current marketing spendings and effectiveness of it.
  • Next, observe your competitors. Are they investing heavily on advertising?
  • What are your business goals and how soon do you want to achieve them?
  • Determine the worth of advertising by sales you need to make to justify the cost.

The most anticipated answer to this question would be a compelling copy and appealing visuals which is true but just a part of it. A great design is the one that is effective. The effectiveness is measured in terms of actions taken by the consumers. At BBM, we analyze an advert based on these four fundamentals:

  • Attention grabbing ability of the ad
  • Does the website spark interest in consumers?
  • Builds desire to take action
  • Compels people to take an action