Chapter: The Mediatrics

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Secure 3d-starspots in your pocket

As your

media planning agency in Ahmedabad

, we know where and when to put your money. The current media scenario is bewildering especially with the whole new horizon of digital media buying. But since you have humara saath (us) you need not sweat to secure spots. We make every second count!

Our Model

It needs no explanation. Objective remains at the core of media planning.

Consumer segmentation based on behavior, demographics and more.

Determining media choices after indepth research and analysis

After performance and monitoring there comes the day when results are out!

Picking the right media options amongst all the varied options.

Allocating your budget smartly, effectively and reasonably for the best results.

When it comes to bhav tol (buying ad space) we evoke our desi avatar.

All the endeavors, campaigns, planning and more will be scrutinized here.


Merits of Media P&B

Appropriate allocation of $.

Monitor progress clooooosely!

Targeting media and audience

Cost per second (Seedha hisab!)

Excercise 1.1

Which is your favorite ad?

Our Work


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answer in brief


Media planning is the development of a strategy for media buying. It involves research of audience, media channels, ideal timings, type of messaging, and more to ensure effectiveness of the campaign.

Media buying comes next. It is here that we put the media plan to force by buying the right set of media. As a

Media planning agency in India

, our media buyers do bargaining like a pro with sales reps at media channels to get the best spots at the best rates.


We as a media planning and buying agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we understand media ads owing to our experience in it. Investing with us, ensures your investment is in safe hands rather than doing it unassisted. At BBM, you won’t be left to sink or swim.


There are three types of media buying:

  • Direct buy with no room for negotiation
  • Network buy for bidding and buying
  • Self-serve buy by advertisers themselves