Chapter: Logo Logic

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‘Logo’ ka kaam hai kehna!

Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna! As cliche as the phrase may sound, it rightly fits in the branding context. A logo, indeed, speaks for your brand. It’s the foundation of creating a brand identity.

Are you still wondering the reason for putting so much effort into designing a logo?

Rajesh Khanna

Give them something to talk about

Logo design, or design in general, requires ample patience, given how quickly we want to skip to the good part. As a

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, we’ve listed vital reasons why the logo lies at the base of brand identity.

Attention span has derailed like never before. Hence it’s crucial to design a logo that holds the users’ attention.

If designed well, a logo is enough to make a user curious about your services. If not, you lose their interest and tank your business.

A good logo is not only aesthetically pleasing but also hits the right chords of a consumer. As the

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, we make it memorable.

Consistency attracts consumers. Period. When a user looks at your logo across your social media posts and website, they’ll likely trust you more.

Give them something to talk about

Excercise 1.1

Identify the logo

Burger King Burger King
true false

Types of logos

Negative space logos make use of the white space inside an image (or letter) to construct a completely new image.

For ex:

Monogram logos are logos made up of letters, typically brand initials.

For ex:

Pictorial marks comprise of everything from line art to detained drawings.

For ex:

A font-based logo that focuses exclusively on a company's name.

For ex:

Mascot logos involve a feature cartoon or illustration character.

For ex:

In combination logos, image and text coherently form an image.

For ex:

Emblem logos are made up of fonts inside a sign or icon, such as badges, seals, and crests.

For ex:

How do we ‘Just do it’?

Creating a logo combines creativity and implementation. Putting those out-of-the-box ideas onto paper and eventually digitizing them makes it all worthwhile. Here’s how we do it:

  • Step- 1: Focus on your brand identity
  • Step- 2: Seek design inspiration
  • Step- 3: Think of the emotion the brand wants to convey
  • Step- 4: Choose colours that resonate with your brand values
  • Step- 5: Choose a font
  • Step- 6: Create the first few versions only to scratch them later!
  • Step- 7: Get your inputs
  • Step- 8: Polish the design till we get full marks, plus fun
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The design comes to us instead of us creating the designs. Haha, naah. Our creative designers learn the requirements, sit with it, and scratch our heads till we get the right colors and design that reflects your business values. Frankly, they make us a proud and

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