Chapter: UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience)

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Fundamentals of Web Art

A website that appeals to the eyes of a consumer is a website that generates revenue. It's as simple as that. Even when your brand may offer a zillion products, a poorly designed website is a sure-shot way to shoo your consumers away.

As a

UI UX design company

in India, we certainly don't want that!

This brings us to…

UI UX design company in India

Our UI/UX services

We understand user needs, behaviours and motivations before heading to the design.

This stage is where real users test the interface and functions of a website or product.

Responsive designs are the need of the hour. We take care of that need.

We then build interfaces, keeping the visual element and ease of usability in mind.

A design blueprint is always better to create than directly implementing the design.

Visually appealing, interactive and easy-to-use web designs for your website.


Building blocks of UI/UX

SRK rightly said -' Do not underestimate the power of an exceptional UI/UX. 'Ah, he didn't? Well, then, maybe it's us. We, being a

UI UX design company in Ahmedabad

, have listed five significant blocks for you!

  • UX first, UI later
  • Simplicity is the best policy
  • Know the purpose of UI elements
  • Let the colors do the talking
  • Be clear than clever

Keep these five blocks in mind; your website design will definitely outgrow Majnu Bhai ki painting. We're kidding.

Majnu Bhai ki painting
Our Work


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answer in brief


UX is user experience when using your website. UX research pertains to understanding the usability requirements of users. UI is the user interface that incorporates those requirements into a seamless design. Don’t worry, we provide both these services as your creative UI UX designing company.


This entirely depends on the project's scope, platforms (whether you want it for mobile or desktops), technology involved and delivery deadline. We suggest setting up a meeting to understand your requirements better. We're anyway just a call away.


While there is no universal standard of UX design, different companies have different tools, techniques and strategies. As the

best UI UX design company in India

, we emphasize more on your requirements and brand values before beginning designing.


We most certainly do. We live and breathe quality.