Chapter: Environmental Graphic Design Studies

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Breathe good designs

Whatever be your objective, we, your

environment graphic design agency

in India promise pollution-free environmental designs! Infusing maximum O2 in our design, your brand will certainly stand out whether it is an exhibition stand, standee, stall, booth or any other form of display.(Aag laga denge)!

Breathe good designs
3 elements of environmental graphic design

Meet our Amar, Akbar and Anthony aka. Our environmental graphics design services.

1) Wayfinding

You already guessed it. Yes! These are design cues placed in buildings, events, expos that indicate a way to people.

2) Exhibition

We extend to you designs to help you exhibit, educate, engage, enlighten and excite the attendees of your show.

3) Placemaking

We are your E.T. transforming any space be it corporate, retail or org. with unique colors, patterns, fonts and more.

Working towards net zero hero emission of your brand!

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Environment - Beneficial always!

  • Wayfinding (Raste jo Clear hai’)
  • Showcase company culture
    (Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan!)
  • Brand identity (Meri design hi pehchan hai..)

Excercise 1.1

Can you think of a fast-food chain with a consistent environment?

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answer in brief


Of course it is not the design of the environment we live in. Environmental graphic designs pertain to creating an environment using brand elements in particular space. For instance, stall designs in an expo, store or office design for chain businesses, etc. Our dedicated

environmental graphic designer

is a pro at it!


Here are some types of EGD in bullet points:

  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Stall design
  • Wall design
  • Glass door design

As an

environment graphic design agency in Ahmedabad

, we focus on creativity and hence we can only give you a proposal after knowing your requirements.