Chapter: The Social Media Math

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Perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to market your brand. Use organic ways to reach the audience and reach them through paid Ads. As a

social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad

, we strive to balance the equation.

Social media marketing

Why is Social Media important?

Social media offers exceptional benefits to reach millions of customers across the globe. If you aren’t already using it to your benefit, you’re missing out!

It is the most stress-free and profitable digital marketing platform that you can use to enhance your brand visibility.

Social media channels let the audience take a sneak peek into your brand, which fosters customer engagement.

Make a 30-second reel describing your product on Instagram or a 2-minute long How-to tutorial video on Youtube; numerous platforms help get your point across.

By conducting Instagram lives, polls and feedback forms, you can keep your customers hooked and form a connection.

Give them something to talk about

Did you know?

Orkut by Google and Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg were both launched in 2004. While Orkut packed up, Facebook today is a social giant!

Social media ladder

  • Research audience "like Dora the explorer!"

  • Identify the social platforms - (Rangmanch aur hunur dono)

  • Narrow down essential KPIs - (Maapdand kya hoga?)

  • Do competitive analysis - (Dekhoge tabhi sikhoge na!)

  • Create engaging content - (Suno aur Sunao!)

  • Schedule posts - "What’s the timetable?"

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answer in brief


By understanding various social media platforms and its audience. Once we have that sorted comes the content part. And, of course, communicating our plan to you for your input.


As the

best social media marketing agency in India

, we choose the channels after we understand the audience base for each channel. Once we have the audience base sorted, we try to find out channels that will aid in making the most of your business.


Yes! Content is consumed in audio, text, video and audio-video, all types. As the best

social media marketing company in Ahmedabad

, we ensure to deliver content across varying formats.