Chapter - The OOH approach

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Make them say OOH wow!

People either leaf through the billboards and hoardings or give a couple of minutes max! That means your message needs to be bold, clear & effective. Only a genius can do it so minimalistically. Now, no need to hunt, the one who wrote this is no less than a genius. As your

Out Of Home advertising company

, we are a home to extremely talented advertising humans.

The OOH approach

The different types of OOH advertising

These are large displays elevated high up where no billis can climb. Ex: Buildings,bridges, street lights, etc. Now, types:

  1. Static
  2. Digital

Advertising on the wheels! Why make your ads stand tall as trees when you can have them move around the city?

  1. Buses/Trucks
  2. Taxis/Autos

Make a last minute addition to their carts by reserving a spot near the billing counters. Smart, isn’t it?

  1. Counter displays
  2. Other similar placements

Advertising where people are purchasing or atleast visiting with an intent to purchase makes sense.

  1. Shopping malls
  2. Elevator
  3. Floor graphics

Rome was not built in a day nor was any commercial building and that gives us a large wallscape to paint.

  1. Scaffold wraps
  2. Hoarding fence
  3. Building wraps

Breathe some life to the street walls and let them speak out loud. There are quintessentially two types of wall ads.

  1. Wallscapes
  2. Murals
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Advantages of advertising

  • Lasting impression (Wo tumhe bhul jaaye, yeh hum hone nahi denge!)
  • The 007 focussed targeting
  • Generate action (Not dishoom dishoom!)
  • Create a bang if not the big bang ;)
Advantages of advertising

Excercise 1.1

OOH advertising is expensive.


Neither true nor false. It entirely depends on your budget.

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DOOH i.eDigital Out of Home Advertising, as the name suggests are adverts run on digital billboards, signages, digital kiosks and more at various locations. It allows the creation of more engaging visuals and content for brands. DOOH is also a wing of our

OOH advertising agency services in India



Unlike other means of advertising such as TV, radio or print, OOH is more cost convenient such that they continue to educate and engage viewers for targeted locations for as long as they are out there! To make your investment worth it, visit us at Brand board Media, your Out of Home advertising company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


We are a Gujarat-based rigorous

OOH advertising agency

undertaking detailed research to accumulate insights that define our campaigns and their placements. We draw strategies that drive returns on your investment.