Chapter: Designology

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The Design Logic

It’s no modern art. Design is the use of shapes, symbols, lines, curves and more with some common sense; simple! Whether it is logo, brochure, website design, app design, package design or anything else, we as your creative

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, India are ‘G mane spatial geniuses’ rolling out masterpieces. Yes, it's true!

The Classification of Design

Different designs have different weightage in brand building. Learn them by heart!

At BBM you’ll get to unfold the most creative Bi-fold, Z fold or any other fold brochures. Now without much boasting let’s move to the next service.

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They never want “Naye packet main cheez purani” even though they may be hindustani. Hence, both packaging and product matters

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Web art that is so intuitive that your users will smile like Mona Lisa! Don’t you think U and I will have a great eXperience?

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Did your mind roll back to social studies class? We are talking about branding. Here it needs to be created for your brand events.

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Classification of Design

The Cadbury script type is based on William Cadbury’s signature.

The Significance of Design

  • Good Design, Good Brand.
  • Consumer loyalty be it
    Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma!
  • UI that is "simply clever" and easy to use.
  • Brand identity (Pehchan Kaun?)
  • More buyers because design is one of the "laws of attraction."
Our Work


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Design serves more than just beauty. It defines your brand’s identity among consumers. As the best

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, India we take it very seriously and make sure that you are distinctive you, interesting you! Leaf through quick bullets points below:

  • Customer retention
  • Lower customer support cost
  • Brand consistency & unity
  • Value addition
  • Competitiveness
  • Innovativeness
  • Brand recognition & recall

Design thinking is a technique for solving challenges creatively that is widely regarded as an important path to developing user-friendly products. Essentially, design thinking acknowledges that aesthetics alone are not sufficient for corporate objectives and purpose.


Just like Chloromint “Dubaraa Mat Poochhna” (Joke). We confidently say that our website is one-of-kind! It speaks volumes of our creative capabilities. However, we can only know your taste once we have met you. So, what do you think, shall we connect?


We are creative people and we'd like to be like that! Sorry to say, we don’t dip our toes in printing but we promise our print designs will make you fall in love with us!


As the

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, we take proper time in knowing your requirements, ideas and taste in design. In case you don’t like our logos, then yes we do provide reasonable revisions.