Chapter: The Content Kingdom

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Content is not just the king!

You may have heard of the phrase ‘Content is King’. What if we instead tell you that in this digital age, content is an entire Kingdom? Content, in any form, lies at the core of a brand. Valuable content not only helps foster trust among consumers but drives profitable consumer actions as well.

As a

content marketing agency in Ahmedabad

, India, why not let us

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How do we create this Kingdom?

While we claim to be the

best content marketing company in Ahmedabad

, there’s an underlying process behind the claim. We want to take you on a stroll in our content Kingdom to learn the process.

Before we fish out content ideas, we dive deeper into knowing your target audience (TG) based on your product/service.

Once we have the TG sorted, it’s time to determine content type based on the social media channel. A pen, paper and a mind oozing with ideas are enough for this step.

Finally, we publish the content on the relevant platforms, analyse user engagement metrics and keep updating the strategy as and when required.


The three Ps of content marketing are Punctuation, Polish and Power!


Citizens of this Kingdom

  • Blogs, newsletters - Spill the ink!
  • Social media posts - Brand extroversion at its best!
  • AV content - Dikhao aur Sunao!
  • Infographics - Chalo chart banaye
  • Influencer marketing - Influence karo, endorse karo.
  • E-books and workshops - Padhega India tabhi to badhega brand!
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answer in brief


As a content marketing agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, our first preference in creating a content marketing plan is to set KPIs and goals. Then we determine the best channels, budget and create a content calendar.


We choose the channels after we understand the audience base for each channel. Once we have the audience base sorted, we try to find out channels that will aid in making the most of your business.


The content format depends on the information that needs to be conveyed. For instance, videos are a new and easy way to market your business. As a

content marketing agency

in India, we observe what is trending and follow the trend to create engaging and fun content out of it!