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A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Imagine your brand as a cozy coffee shop - a space people prefer to visit, ditching all other cafes in the town This blog is not just about handing.....

01 May, 2024


Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing

It just takes 90 seconds to form a first impression of a product. In the world of branding and marketing, where first impressions are everything, the power.....

30 October, 2023


What Is Surrogate Advertising in India? – Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples

Creativity knows no bounds. No, the previous sentence isn't as generic....

30 June, 2023


Top 12 Types Of Brand Names

Do you seek a perfect brand name for your company but are not sure about what goes into it? Dear friends, BBM is your saviour! We are here to assist you ....

07 June, 2023


How to Choose a Brand Name Within 15 Mins for Your Business?

Dear entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be, How long have you been struggling to seal a name for your business? Hours, days, weeks, hopefully....

31 March, 2023

Brand dissect

Pepsi: Rising up with Ranveer Singh

It’s about to get hot in India, and just like every year, Pepsi is back to cool things down with its marketing banger. A clear rebellious....

01 March, 2023

Brand dissect

5 popular brands endorsed by kids

Bache samjhe kya? Brand ambassadors hai yeh! Seriously, children are little wonders that can do marvelous things. One of which is carrying....

13 January, 2023


What are consumer insights in Branding? How to make the most of it?

It may be difficult to know what your spouse wants but it is a lot easier to tell what your consumers want. That’s why we stress upon...

13 January, 2023