Chapter - The laws of packaging

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Pack that impacts

A product is contained within a package but our ideas are not confined in a bottle, box, packet, pouch, can or a bag. We are foxes as a

packaging design company in Ahmedabad

, India. Ok..OK.!, We will not toot our horns much. But, at least we can commit creativity; ‘dimag ki batti jalti rahegi.’

packaging designing in Ahmedabad

The formula to win the shelves

Creative Package = BBM {Content + Design}

Our Packaging Services

What box would your product fit in? Rectangle, triangle, square, circle, polygon, octagon, hexagon or shall we create a shape for you? Think about it.


We can design cans depending on what goes inside the can. That’s your niche and designing is our niche! Let’s connect.


What goes around, comes around. Not being philosophical but we talking about bottle labels. Stop going in circles, let’s talk!


We know you are surprised but it’s not valentines. Free means flexible package designing for your unique products.

Our Work

Importance of package designing

As a

brand packaging design agency

, it is our bread and butter but it is the cornerstone of your product sales. Lure consumers to your products with our attractive package designs whatever your product is!


(Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai)


(Banao apni pehchan)

Product care

(100% germ protection)



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answer in brief


A package is the outer covering of a product and product design pertains to the designing of this outer covering so that it appeals to its buyers. Typically, it consists of brand logo, name, product details, other product related details, compliance details, price and so on.


Oops! It takes a little understanding of the product, choice of packaging material, scope, and a few more criteria for us to give you an exact quotation. But, we can assure that we are a fair but

best packaging design agency

where cost is valued in creativity.


It starts with understanding the product, its usage, its consumer base, their preferences, competitor’s products, and then begins designing. A creative packaging design at BBM is a rigorous process.


Yes, but we appreciate constructive feedback.


Sure we would!