Chapter: The Digital Galaxy

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Digital Phenomenon

The web is a virtual but cosmic galaxy of numerous websites, papa ki pari’s’, lover_boy ‘s’, and angel priya ‘s’. Amidst this cosmos, our goal as the best

digital marketing company in Ahmedabad

, is to make you the brightest and largest star - “The Sun” of this universe where consumers keep revolving around your brand!


5 Digital Satellites

It is our ranking satellite that takes websites to the top positions in the search engine result pages where they enjoy a swarm of traffic.

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Social networks are the place where people connect to share their stories and listen to brand stories followed by purchases!

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Why take the long route when shortcuts are available? Hop-skip-jump Goooooogle pages straight to the top with Google Ads.

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ORM matters (Izzat ka sawal hai!). On the web a brand encounters all sorts of sentiments: +ve and -ve. Let’s push the + up!

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Let’s get a word / some words / sentences / stories out there! Content marketing that helps create a buzz at BBM!

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5 Digital Satellites

Excercise 1.1

WWW stands for

true false

Direct Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Market offerings (Aaloo le lo…..)
  • Brand recognition (Jaan Pehchan)
  • New customers (Give me more)
  • Wider scope of marketing (Khula maidan)
  • More sales (Like Jethalal)
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answer in brief


Yes! As a full-service and the

best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad

, we manage every facet of your digital presence such as ensuring higher rankings in SERPs, social media management, ads management, content writing & distribution, website development & management among others.


Well, we can only say that one should focus on their core competencies and let the professionals use their expertise in any domain. Brands only hurt their competency by investing in team expansions to embrace digital marketing in house. Therefore, if digital growth is your prerogative then it is ideal to outsource digital marketing to us, of course!


Inbound marketing was introduced by Hubspot which is a method of attracting consumers with the aid of valuable content and personalized experiences. Outbound marketing on the other hand refers to disruptive marketing that forces content to consumers even if it's irrelevant to them. As a

digital marketing agency in India

, our focus is inbound.


Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the biggest social networks with a population that of a country. Having said that, social media users typically have accounts in more than one of these platforms. Therefore, you need to have a presence in at least two of the major platforms. You may target social channels based on their format, relevancy to your niche and user demographics.


In the early days of search engines, keywords meant just one word that people would search. Even the algorithms were simpler. Today search engines accommodate keyphrases with more than one keyword. Keyphrases are more expressive of the user's search intent. As a

digital marketing agency in Gujarat

, we keep you relevant to these searches.


It is rightly said that content is king and context is queen. Under the umbrella of our digital marketing services in India, we give you a beautiful kingdom of contextual content. It is with content that brands can share their stories in multiple formats such as text, image, video, infographic and more. Without content there is nothing to attract a consumer.


CTA also known as call to action is a button or piece of content that prompts users to take a predefined action. CTAs are usually the first stage of conversion in the sales funnel.


Yes it can if strategized, implemented and executed rightly! Being the

best digital marketing company in Gujarat

, there are no ifs or buts. We just do it!