Chapter: The Psychology of PPC

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Pay Per Click (Paisa lagao, ads chalao!)

With Google Ads take the longest jump to the first search result page and win unimaginable traffic. It is as simple as mobile recharge. Ads only run for the duration you pay for and you only pay for the clicks you get. Hence, Pay Per Click. We as your

PPC company

, make every penny you invest worth it in other words “Ek click jo badal de aapki duniya.

Pay Per Click

Type of PPC Ads

These are simplest text-based ads or snippets appearing above the organic results in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). That’s it!

Text, visual or video-based ads that appear across different sites on the Internet and mobile applications.

These are the ads that follow you across websites, social media and apps after you explored a product but not took any action.

It displays your product, with its price, details and more above the organic search results. Highly beneficial for eCommerce sites.

Excercise 1.1

PPC is expensive.


Benefits from PPC can be observed at any budgetary level, oftentimes with fairly high margins.

Perks of PPC

  • Instant visitor boost (Boom!)
  • Increase in sales ($$$)
  • Great visibility on the web (Spotlights!)
  • Higher demand (Dil mange more!)
  • Cost-effective moneywise..
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answer in brief


Yes, it is. SEM is the acronym of search engine marketing. Both SEM and Pay Per Click refer to the ads we run on the search giant Google! Whatever you name it, we are here to provide unmatched

PPC management service in Ahmedabad



Yes, it is cost-effective such that you have the ability to control your spendings and the demographic of your ad placement. Also, you are only paying for your determined result; be it a click, conversion or so. As the

best PPC company in India

, we do proper understanding and research of your business before rolling your ads.


Yes. We would break a leg for it!. Moreover, here are some of the compelling benefits of PPC that we ensure as the

best PPC company in Ahmedabad


  • Instant results
  • Brand awareness
  • Laser-focused targeting
  • Performance analysis

We have dedicated project managers who will be communicating with you for all your queries.