Chapter: The Principles of Print Design

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P से Print

Let them hold you in their hands. Sounds cheesy? Wait up, we are talking about print adverts in magazines, newspapers, flyers, booklets and so on! We are a

print media advertising in Ahmedabad

, and that’s how we entice your consumers via print ads of course! Afterall, promoting your business is our business.

print design agency in Ahmedabad

The types of print advertising

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Directories
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Billboards

We create lasting imprints!


pros of print

  • Cost-effective (Paisa vasool)
  • Credibility & Trust (Vishwas karo)
  • Flexible targeting (Chun chun k..)
  • Extended viewership (Dekhte reh jaoge!)

Excercise 1.1

“The Times of India” newspaper was founded in which year?

  • A) 1851
  • B) 1947
  • C) 1838
  • D) 1950
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answer in brief


Given the digital penetration, there may be a slight dip in print media consumption by the masses but it is still alive and kicking! Especially in segments like news, fashion, industry-specific print formats etc.

Big brands also leverage print media to impact consumers' purchase behaviors. Unlike digital media, print ads are more likely to be absorbed by the readers and have a lasting impression on their minds.

As a

print media advertising agency in India

, we make strategic plans for effective visuals and copies that make your print ads successful!


Depending on the type of print media and the message to be conveyed, the following is included in a print ad:

  • Brand logo
  • Headline
  • Copy/Content
  • Visual

As an experienced

print media advertising agency

, we would strongly suggest including necessary information that is required by your consumers. It should be appealing, valuable and converting. No need to sweat, what are we here for?


Yes! They are veryyyy important. They are the first thing people read. Since we vouch to be a creative print media design agency in India, we at BBM make them catchy at a glance!


That depends on the newspaper company rates, size, page and placement.