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What are consumer insights in Branding? How to make the most of it?

Brand Board Media

January 13, 2023
Consumer insights in Branding

It may be difficult to know what your spouse wants but it is a lot easier to tell what your consumers want. That’s why we stress upon consumer insights for branding followed by marketing.

We are a creative branding agency in Ahmedabad, so we use a creative approach to accumulate these insights. However, let us take you from the start meaning the definition. Keep your highlighters ready!

What are consumer insights?

Customer/consumer insights is the accumulation of information from the consumers in order to comprehend their sentiments for your brand; simple! It involves engaging with existing as well as prospective consumers to retrieve their impressions and emotions for the brand.

Having known that, do we need to tell you why these insights are important? Just briefly, it plays a crucial role in improving your brand communication, identity, products or services and finally your bottom line.

How do we get customer insights for you?

As a strategic branding company in India, customer insights often make a room in our brand strategy. Here is what we undertake to attain these valuable insights.

  • Surveys - Digital surveys have made it possible to accumulate insights beyond physical borders.
  • Interviews - Conducting short interviews such as feedbacks that are largely viewed and trusted by people.
  • Reviews - Reviews or user generated content on website, social media or more is the most authentic form of customer insight.
  • Web analytics - Identifying areas where users are most engaged to determine their interest and preferences.

How can you use these insights for brand growth?

There are more than one ways to utilize consumer insights. Let’s start with number 1!

Reflecting on your brand strategy

When you know what your consumers think and feel of your brand, you can enhance the brand's communication to speak with them not to them.

Improvise your offerings

If your products or services are not satisfactory, your brand image will degrade consequently. Consumer insights are the best way to improve the quality of what you have to offer.

Dedicated marketing

It is the time for personalized marketing. For any established brand, it is important to look at consumer insights as a golden opportunity to market dedicatedly to them. It improves the consumer's relationship with the brand.

In the end, the customer is always right!

Customer was, is and will always be right! It is you as a brand that needs to be consumer-centric and the cornerstone of it is gathering consumer insights. Now, you need not sweat outreaching your consumers, we can conduct smart research when you avail our branding services in India. So, why are you still twiddling your thumbs? Let’s connect!

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